Our Story


The R3VITALIZE story started with 3 like-minded entrepreneurs wanting to combine their visions and goals into one brand.

After countless months, brainstorms and cliff notes we found a gap in not just any market, but a market that we are all super passionate about. TATTOOS


We commenced the R3VITALIZE brainstorm in early 2016 starting out with little to no knowledge in our fields, but external research daily for well over 12 months in our selected business venture and we began to really understand the complexities of the cosmetic industry and as business understanding grew so did our motivation to start kicking our goals and putting our dreams into action.


The concept of R3VITALIZE formed when we noticed a much more positive outcome in the complexion of our skin and colour retention of our Tattoos utilising organic and natural healing methods combined with a good aftercare routine, this is when the H3AL concept blossomed on the whiteboard to hopefully change the future of Tattoo Aftercare.


We soon branched our idea out to a team of chemical and pharmaceutical engineers and put pen to paper, building a stable formula with ingredients through extensive research proving to have many skin benefits. The first blend of H3AL came around, we were happy with our hard work, but it wasn’t what we envisioned…

Back to the drawing board 6 months later and we had crafted our very own stable formula containing the ingredients we wanted, the texture we wanted and giving results far exceeding our expectations, the venture began.


Owning a business and being able to get tattoos for research is definitely a massive advantage, this means we only retail the formulas we are happy with on our OWN skin & tattoos. Early on we started handing out H3AL samples to our close friends getting tattooed to start getting feedback and feedback we got!

We started to hear extremely positive feedback from people who were using H3AL on fresh Tattoos and in-fact the results on our own Tattoos were incredible so we did what any excited passionate tattoo enthusiasts would do, share our idea with the world!

On top of this, R3VITALIZE aims to create everlasting relationships with Tattoo artists, shops, models, enthusiasts and whoever else few and far between. To get a better understanding of this please read our collaboration section to get a better understanding of what we are about here.

Lastly, The R3VITALIZE concept was not just about creating an Organic & Vegan formula made from the best ingredients to make the most of your new ink, but we have big business goals as well such as utilising our resources to support future campaigns such as freeing animals from cosmetic testing, creating a sustainable future and using our slogan #H3ALTHEPLANET to grow awareness of the current state of the world and build campaigns to do what we can to unite and rebuild our beautiful planet.

We welcome you to our vision